Gold Coast Electricians – Tips for Selecting the Right One


Electricity is probably the most sensitive aspect of a building. Electrical faults can bring down your home or business in flames or even cause death through electrical shock. You need to be double sure of the safety of electricity in your premises. This is the reason why you should care about whom you hire as the electrician for your premises. You want to hire an electrician who can be trusted to do the job in a proper, efficient and safe manner. Gold Coast electricians are so many; you cannot miss to find one when need arises. However, not all of them are qualified or suitable to do your job. Do not rush into hiring an electrician; take your time to learn about them. The following are tips that will guide you to select the right Gold Coast electricians:


The first thing to check in an electrician is a license. Professional and reputable electricians must be registered and possess an up-to-date license. A license provides proof that they can carry out electrical work using the correct industry standards. Besides that, licensed electricians are up-to-date with compliance codes and the state’s safety laws. If you are interested in the safety of your projects, licensing of the electrician is absolutely essential.


All the reputable Gold Coast electricians have public liability insurance to cover unforeseen accidents that may occur while working. Working with an electrician without insurance exposes you to substantial risk. In case of an accident, you will be held liable for hospital bills and damages. Ask for an insurance certificate to prove that they are truly covered.

Qualification and experience

Electricians are not the same; they differ in their qualifications and experience. For instance, a Master Electrician has worked for at least three years and must offer 12 months warranty on workmanship. Hiring a Master Electrician will ensure that you receive the highest levels of electrical safety and standards of workmanship. Choose an electrician with accreditation in energy efficiency. An electrician holding such qualifications will have extensive knowledge in energy saving technologies and products.

Diversity of services

Consider the type of services offered by an electrician. Do not forget that some electricians specialize in specific areas only. An electrician who does wiring only might not be effective in trouble shooting or panel upgrading. Choose an electrician who matches your electrical needs. If you want electricity installed into your new building, you need to hire an electrician offering a wide range of services. They should be conversant with remodeling and rewiring, outdoor lighting, telephone and cable wiring, troubleshooting, installations and repairs.


Everyone wants to work with someone they like. You would not enjoy dealing with a sloppy and disrespectful electrician. Take note if they arrived for the quote on time. If they were held up, did they call to inform you? How often do they communicate with you? Do they listen to your needs? Effective communication is pivotal to the success of the project. The electrician will be working in your home or business; they ought to respect your property. Ask friends, relatives or colleagues who have previously worked with the electrician about their attitude.